About this Project

  • Express the Essence
  • Create Emotional Impact
  • Deliver the Gift of Delight
  • Compel People to Think
  • Inspire People to Act


This site is meant to be a forum for the gathering of ideas that will be instrumental in shaping future directions for Oakwood School. As a gathering place for ideas, it is not a formal document, nor is it a decision-making instrument by itself. We hope that it may become a true forum where provocative and exploratory ideas might have a voice and generate dialog. Visit often, think “big” and envision the possibilities, options and the directions you would like to see taken.

The “Design Group” includes Joanne Kwan, Jordan Ritz, Becca Wyant, Hannah Raudsep, Brittany Maag, Kayla Chun, Janice Kwan, Cameo Davis. This group is charged with rebranding Oakwood School in a positive, consistent and comprehensive form of visual identity. That design plan is to be initially centered around 6 general questions. Those are;

  1. Problem: How would you define or characterize it?
  2. Audience: What are the constituent groups?
  3. Facts: What is the unchangeable factual information concerning the school?
  4. Strengths: What are existing programs, achievements or recognitions?
  5. What makes up the school brand as it presently exists? 
  6. Opportunities: What are potential applications of design that could be produced?

Tools to Facilitate the Project:

2nd Phase of the Project

The project has secured funding through a grant from Pacific Fund to finance the supplies, fabrication and installation of the projects.

Four of the initially proposed projects are making their way to final realization.

  • Identity logo
  • Book
  • Husky Mural
  • Pillar Tree Paintings

The identity logo drawn by Joanne Kwan has been adapted and is being used on apparel and other school materials.

The book has been rewritten by Brittany Maag and refocused to the primary grades and illustrated by Bernice Calvario.

The “pillars, doors and wings” painting project has been refocused to the pillars as a grove of oak trees that include hidden animals and other fanciful characters in the leaves and bark of the trees. References to tableau from the book is also a possibility. The members of this new painting group include; Jonel Imutan, Lea Imutan, Jamie Hee, Emily Grant, Alexis Ortega, Karen Obligacion.


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